The Big Ideas Exemplars Writing Team

Jul 1, 2022 | Big Ideas for RE

The Exemplars for the Big Ideas for RE Project were produced by an expert team of teachers and advisers, working with our core editors.


Sarah Bareau 

Maddy Bloomfield 

Stacey Burman 

Kate Christopher 

Denise Cush

Roxy Fearns

Dave Francis

Wendy Harrison 

Sarah Heath

Garth Hicks 

Matthew Lane 

Philip Lord 

Jan McGuire 

Mohammad-Nassir Miah 

Liz Moore 

Mark Plater 

Dave Rees 

Linda Rudge 

Sushma Sahajpal 

Jane A Southward

Julian Stern 

Michael Storer

Mel Thornhill 

Lilian Weatherley 

Katie Whittle 

Linda Whitworth 

Barbara Wintersgill


Denise Cush

Dave Francis

Barbara Wintersgill

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